Men's Luxury Floating Rotary Electronic Shaver

Men's Luxury Floating Rotary Electronic Shaver

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Function: shaving, clippers repairable temples 

Charging 220v-240v 50hz, charging plug 

1, gift box, easy to carry, is your travel and gifts friends and family the best choice. 

2, built-in rechargeable battery, AC power directly charge, built-in charging plug, a charge indicator. 

3, reciprocating head, shaving more responsive to facial contours. 

Strong power, especially for beard rough friend, but very practical 

4, artificial design, feel good, the use of very smart, shaving strong and comfortable. 

5, luxury hardcover, even more personal taste, even more distinctive. 

6, independent single head reciprocating floating head design, automatic grinding blade knife net. When shaving, the blades are ground with a hard alloy grille, so the blades are always sharp. 

7, with scraping temples, stylish appearance. 

8, Annex: exquisite gift box packaging, cleaning brush, brochures